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I try to run a non-graphical (TUI) application from putty instead of cmd line on Windows 7. Putty among others has that nice ability to resize the window by resizing the fonts nicely-smoothly.

What I did is installing OpenSSH and connecting to it with Putty, this did work but when I start the program it starts as a service (runas, the workaround that I can think of asks for a password but without bringing up anything to let me type it in). Then tried more ssh servers that are commercials and found out that more of them will open the program normally without additional settings... only that the mouse pointer will not follow my mouse in the putty window. Checked and tried all kinds of variations in putty's settings with Disable xterm style reporting but to no avail. It just makes selections.

How to set OpenSSH so to run the programs called in putty in the same session and not as a service? Any suggestions on how to make the mouse work?

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