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I have set up a Windows XP guest on a Windows 7 host. After installing, I upgraded the Windows XP to Service Pack 2. The VirtualBox on the host is version 4.2.22 without extensions.

I am trying to pass through a USB-MIDI-Adapter for which only Windows XP drivers are available. Windows 7 always tries to install the drivers when plugging in the device. VirtualBox shows the device as Unknown Device with the Vendor- and Product-IDs. When trying to bind the device by clicking the matching entry in the pop-up-menu from virtualbox’ USB-icon, I get an error message that the device is “busy with a previous request. Try again later”.

My assumption is that the device cannot be acquired by virtualbox because it is in a semi-installed state. In the device manager, it shows up as USB Audiodevice with a warning sign. Which steps do I need to take pass the device through to the guest? Is it possible at all in this state?

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