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Some files, like txt can be opened in Chrome. How do I open py files that are linked on the page, and prevent them from bringing up the download dialog box?

Like this, for example http://matplotlib.org/mpl_examples/pylab_examples/scatter_demo2.py It is unnecessary to download the file. I just want to preview it in the browser.

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I normally just drag and drop the file into the browser. Of course that will just allow you to view it not edit it. –  Ramhound Feb 26 at 14:33
This actually has something to do with plaintext files being linked on the page. Local files are easy to preview, with Quick Look on the Mac, for example. I've updated the question. –  Kit Feb 26 at 14:44
I found this previous question. It doesn't seem to have a solution though. –  Mike Feb 27 at 20:17

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