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I need to make a booklet using A4 paper, folded along the vertical axis (see image). The folded booklet will thus be 105 × 297 mm. The final booklet will be either 3 or 4 sheets of paper (12 or 16 pages when folded).

Folding an A4 paper vertically

Getting content lined up in two columns in e.g. Microsoft Word is easy enough, but printing a booklet brings with it the challenge of getting the page order right, in particular with the non-standard size.

I have previously used the Create Booklet menu item for OS X with great success, but it fails me when I throw a 105 × 297 mm document at it. Instead of portrait A4:s with my pages as two "columns", I get landscape A4:s with most of the content cut off.

In Word, I can even change my Page Setup into what I'm looking for, but the changes don't save. If I select Book fold and swap the dimensions, I get a preview showing me the exact layout I want. Pressing Portrait is disabled however, and when I press OK it reverts into the normal two landscape pages on a portrait sheet.

Before: Before pressing OK After: After pressing OK

I am looking for a way to generate the correct page layout and order. It may be that Word is not capable of producing the output I want, in which case I would consider solutions that use other software as acceptable answers as well. I have both Windows and OS X machines at my disposal.

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For the OSX description, it sounds like you have an A4 Landscape page with two columns: one for each page? I think you want a single column on a custom sheet size of 105 x 297. In other words, do a reader galley the correct desired single page size and then export via "create booklet" which looks like it will impose the pages into printer spreads. If you plan on manually imposing the pages, you are going to need to do them two up in the proper jumbled order for folding. I suspect that the export phase is messing up because the export has no idea you are composing 2 pages per sheet – horatio Feb 26 '14 at 22:28

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