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What is the minimum memory you would allocate to a Windows 7 virtual machine and have it run "reasonably well?"

Taking the advice from Scott Hanselman's: VM Performance Checklist, I routinely started with 512 MB for WinXP installations and that seemed sufficient most of the time.

The Windows 7 VMs will be mostly used for routine software testing. No major resource requirements but I want it to be usable. What minimum memory setting would you choose for a basic installation?

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1 GB should be fine for regular use, if you plan to run some heavy-weights in your virtual machine, increase the memory.

if you strip/tweak the heck out of 7 with vLite you may get away with 512 MB, but even then it may not run your application satisfactory.

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I ran Windows 7 RC in a VM on my machine for a couple months. I had 1024MB of Ram dedicated. It worked fine.

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I have a Windows 7 VM set up for remote debugging and I have 786MB allocated. It's a bit slow to start but once it's up and running I have no issues working on it.

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