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Whenever I start or quit MAMP, Mac OS asks me for the root password. Thats annoying. How can I prevent that? I use only 1 account on my OS. I want MAMP to be controlled without asking for the password.

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Try to use a port for Apache higher than 1024.

Ports below that need root privileges.

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Thanks I will try that, Im using port 80 currently. –  Indianer Feb 28 at 8:48
Try port 8080. It's above 1024 and has somehow been accepted as HTTP-port –  heiglandreas Feb 28 at 12:51
Yes I will try at home, if that is the solution I will go with it. I think MAMP uses 8888 for default. I just use 80 cause it is more convenient. –  Indianer Feb 28 at 12:56

There is a fix that was created by web developer Damian Gaweda that may be of use for you. He made a 'MAMP-No-Password App' (currently version 1.1) you can read about it and download it here. It makes use of an AppleScript 'AppDelegate.scpt' and enables you to run the startup scripts for Apache and Mysql using OSX's keychain. Check it out, it's a neat little hack!

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