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my question is: I need to access from the outside to a DVR that in my LAN has the local ip: 192.168.1.x I have multiple LANs located in 3 different places not connected each other at the moment. I am behind NATed IP address, and I cannot access my DVR with a port forwarding through the router. My idea is:

  • I have a CENTOS Server, with a public IP address.
  • I install OPENVPN on it, and I put 3 OPENVPN clients into the 3 LANs.(OPENVPN Server will have an address of the type: and OPENVPN clients of the type 10.1.0.x)

I need to access the DVR on LOCAL LANs from outside. How can I setup iptables and route table to get this? My idea was to:

  • install Apache on the VPN Server, and use its VIRTUAL HOST feature to redirect a third level domain to the right VPN CLient IP Address, and later, MASQUERADE on the Local LANs the incoming request from VPN to the DVR Address.

Can you help me with some configurations since I am a noob on networking?


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