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Looks like Google Chrome updated itself again and the appearance of the New tab changed. Unfortunately this page missed "Open recent" feature which I used often :(

How can I configure it back?

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Of course ctrl+shft+T will open the last closed tab, if that is not sufficient there is still the open recently closed tab in the settings dialogue. No need to open a new tab, just go there and select the site you want to reopen and a new tab will open.

PS didn't find a way to configure it back though

enter image description here

Edit:well if you closed the whole browser it allows you to open all tabs at once, but other than that I think the session buddy might be the way to go :)

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In this case I could open the tabs only one by one. Which can be a real headache if there was many of them in the last session :( Thank you for the contribution! – Roman Matveev Feb 28 '14 at 6:55

You could try a Session Buddy extension, it's very useful.

Session Buddy

By the way you could use Ctrl-Shift-T to get your recently closed tabs.

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Ctrl-Shift-T opens only ONE last tab. The naive "open recent" dropdown provided me with a feature to open several tabs from the last session in one click. Thank you for the link to a extension. I will try it! – Roman Matveev Feb 28 '14 at 6:52
  1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select Recent Tabs.
  3. Select the desired tab from the list under "Recently closed".
  4. Repeat these steps to retrieve more recently closed tabs.

I am guessing that is the only way.

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First of all type in the omnibar: chrome://flags/

Then find the option Enable Instant Extended API and set it to disabled

Reboot chrome You should have the recent tabs bar back

I hope this solved your problem

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