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I have a Logitech G600 mmorpg mouse, which has 12 side buttons and an extra GShift button, which serves as Ctrl key. I have binded some of the buttons to Ctrl+Alt+0 through 9, so I can control my media player. However, whenever Google Chrome is active and I press, eg., Gshift+G9 (which basically is Ctrl+Alt+7) it opens a new clipular tab in Chrome.

Note, it opens only when I doubleclick the button, so if I was using this button to quickly go through several music tracks in the media player, it will also popup a new tab with the clipular website.

I never downloaded clipular extensions, apps or other software. Also, it doesn't open the clipular tab, if Ctrl+Alt+7 is pressed using the keyboard. Only with the mouse.

What could possibly be controlling this behaviour? What should I check?

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