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I recently installed an application, Together, on OS X and then decided I didn't want to purchase it. With 99% of the applications I install, all I need to do is remove them from the Applications folder to uninstall. However, I noticed that this particular application added an item to the main drop down menu Print > PDF list, "Print PDF to Together" I also noticed other applications have done the same. So, how do I clean-up this menu?

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Those PDF Workflows are in :

  • /Library/PDF Services
  • ~/Library/PDF Services

Just delete the ones provided by Together.

By default, I got those ones in /Library/PDF Services :

  • Mail PDF.workflow
  • Save As PDF-X.workflow
  • Save PDF to Web Receipts Folder.pdfworkflow
  • Save PDF to iPhoto.workflow

And nothing in ~/Library/PDF Services

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Wonderful! Not only do I feel better with the remants removed. I learned something useful. I had no idea those were Workflows. Thanks! – Michael Prescott Nov 19 '09 at 2:21

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