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I need a batch file:

Given folder A containing .txt files; e.g.,


and folder B (which is empty), I need the batch script to copy one randomly chosen file from folder A to folder B each time I run it.

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Inspired by this post, your script could look like this

@echo off

setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

set source=c:\A
set target=c:\B

set count=0
set x=0

:: put all the files into a pseudo-array prefixed with "TXT_"
for /r "%source%" %%a in (*.txt) do (
    set TXT_!count!=%%~a
    set /a count+=1

:: Use the 'modulo' function to get a usable value from system variable %random%
set /a x="%random% %% count"

:: Pull the relevant item out of the "TXT_" 'array'
set chosen=!TXT_%x%!

echo:I chose :: %chosen%
copy /y "%chosen%" "%target%" 1>nul

This assumes that you have a moderate number of files in your source folder. Otherwise, the number of variables in your environment might grow too big.

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