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I have help-desk group email that needs to setup for auto-reply, so how can I do it? And email server is exchange server.

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As far as I know; you can't set it up exactly like this. I've done it before 2 different ways:

1.) Add a dummy mailbox to your group for admin purposes only, and configure that mailbox to send out an auto-reply

2.) Create a mailbox for the email address you have and configure it to send out an auto-reply. Then; set up a rule to forward messages sent to that box onto your distribution group.

(Sorry if my syntax is a little off; I've been out of the admin game for a while)

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Here is a good, yet simple, way to accomplish auto-responding to a distribution list providing you are using either Exchange 2007 or 2010.

From the Exchange Management Console:

  1. First, setup a "dummy" account such as No-Reply mailbox. Open up the Organization tab - Click on Hub Transport, then Transport Rules
  2. From here, you can create a new rule where any messages sent to a particular distribution list are "blind-copied" to the dummy mailbox mentioned above. Using an Outlook client, you can then open up this mailbox and create a "have server reply using..." rule.

Simple, straightforward, and works like a charm.

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Exchange 2010 does not have "sent to distribution list" rule trigger, it expands the list and then "sent to DL's address" does not trigger anymore. – Vesper Oct 23 '15 at 9:12

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