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I'm using Windows 8 and from time to time, my Synergy server just stops responding. It doesn't notice that it's not working anymore (the interface doesn't show any error), but re-launching the server notifies us that synrgyhk.dll can't be loaded.

This question: Error about synrgyhk.dll when starting Synergy Brings answer as to what to do in this situation. However I noticed things got weird after I applied the solution.

Using Process Explorer, I found out that from time to time, other processes will start using the dll. Which is weird, because this dll comes from Synergy's own directory, which isn't even part of the Path.

Few minutes ago, just as I was launching a new process, Synergy suddenly stopped working. When I checked in Process Explorer, synrgyhk.dll just got associated with processes such as Dropbox, Opera and QtCreator...

Doesn't make any sense to me. I'd love to know what kind of thing is possible, and how I could prevent them from happening. I suspect synrgyhk.dll isn't supposed to even be found by any other processes than Synergy's.

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