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I want to sent 4GB+ files to someone, preferably directly. We are currently trying skype but this seems to not reach our maximum potential up/down speed by a long shot and is stuck at 172MB after 30 minutes.

My upload is 6Mb/s so according to my calculations 4000MB / .75MB/s = 5333 seconds / 60 = 89minutes it would take about 1,5 hour at best (Speedtest is stable at 6Mb/s).

I am aware of wetransfer (up to 2GB) and a lot of cloud storage services, all up to 2GB free. Since i do not need my files to be stored in the cloud i am looking for a much simpler solution. Just a program that connects our computers and is maximized for sharing files between two people would do.

My final resort would be to cut up my files with an archiver, upload one of many parts, wait for my friend to download it, delete the content and upload another part. This is a bit of a hassle.

Please don't mark this duplicate to questions which ask for files up to 2GB, i would not have asked here if that was my case.

We both use windows 7.

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Which OSes are you using (yours and your friends')? –  asamarin Mar 1 at 17:24
Both windows, should have mentioned that. –  Menno Gouw Mar 1 at 17:39
Did you try a torrent client already? –  and31415 Mar 1 at 17:43
No, how does that work? It does not need to be secure but i do not want others to acces is. –  Menno Gouw Mar 1 at 17:44
possible duplicate of Best method of transferring files over internet? –  Joe Taylor Mar 5 at 12:55

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I think the best (and fastest) way would be to use Filemail.com.

They allow you to send any number of files up to 30 GB each for free without registration. The download link is live for a couple of days. They also don't throttle upload and download speeds of free users, unlike most other services.

Hope that helps! 

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Exactly what i was looking for. I still have to setup a ftp server with filezilla so if that works even better and faster since it would be more direct i might change the answer mark. –  Menno Gouw Mar 5 at 14:43

Use a FTP Server and Client/Browser: Filezilla

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer files from one host to another host over a TCP-based network, such as the Internet.

It was made for this exact purpose, and has been in use for a very long time. Massive Large file transfers are possible with auto resuming on disconnections, and can be secure.

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For cloud type solution, you can try copy.com, they provide 15GB of space.

For direct connection, Bittorrent Sync may work. http://www.bittorrent.com/sync

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BTSync is good. Its secure and does block level changes. –  Keltari Mar 1 at 18:10

My answer is one of the possibilities: you could install Cygwin on these Windows, map ports on router to redirect one specific port traffic (the one you will use) and the use nc (netcat) to transfer the file. If the transmission would fail, you could resume it. To be sure that file at the destination is fine and it is the exact copy as you have on your machine, you would have to use hash for it (CRC32=SFV, MD5, one of the SHA) or compress the file with checksum (zip, rar). There is also a tool that enciphers the netcat communication (by a selected password).

The other way is to install FTP server on your machine - there are free FTP servers available on the Internet, also redirect ports and connect from the destination to the FTP to download the file. Many FTP servers has option to resume partially downloaded files.

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