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I need to create multiple Virtual machines under Win7. I installed Windows Virtual PC and created a base virtual machine (installed Win XP and other software needed).

I then duplicate that machine but unfortunately, when attempting to launch the 3rd instance, I receive the following error message: "Could not start be cause there are not enough system resources or memory in your computer".

I can't figure out which resource is creating the problem since:

  • Memory: I have 6Gb of RAM and each instance is configured to have 512mb of memory (I currently have ~3Gb of free memory while running 2 instances)
  • Hard drive: more than 50Gb free
  • CPU: the 2 instances are consuming ~30% of CPU (quad-core)
  • Video memory: each instance is configured in 1024x768 resolution. My current windows session is 1920x1200 resolution. My video card is a GeForce GT525M: could it be that there is insufficient video RAM?

Any idea/hint on what the issue could be is more than welcome.

Thanks! Thomas

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How many cores does each instance configured to detect? – Ramhound Mar 1 '14 at 21:29
An old version of google Chrome used to cause a problem like this ( Look for and turn off similar or other background tasks and see if the problem goes away. – Brian Mar 1 '14 at 21:33
When opening VM's task manager, it shows only 1 CPU core: could this be an issue? Re Google Chrome: I have the latest version installed. Thx – Tom Mar 1 '14 at 21:45

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