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I have come across this problem before.It seems that certain Software Programs will instruct Outlook Express instead of Microsoft Outlook.

*I am using a "Brother"printer and the software is control center 3. *I require that the program scan a document and send it using Microsoft Outlook *In this case the default Mail program is Microsoft Outlook.

*When I go into the software and select the properties and mail sending options:

-It only gives me an Outlook Express Option. -There is a dropdown to find a program to use. -It obviously seems to be looking for an exe. extension. -When I find Microsoft Outlook I cannot find an exe. file to select.

It seems like a limitation in some Software programs. Please can someone give me some feedback?

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Try changing your default E-mail client to Microsoft Outlook?

If you cant find the EXE file, search your C:\ drive for "outlook.exe".

Good luck!

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