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I am using arch linux. I have a new microsoft wireless mouse which scrolls(with the middle scroll wheel) too fast. I don't use kde or gnome but openbox and sometimes xmonad. I want to know how I can slow the scrolling down. I have come across many kde fixes for this, but no general or xorg fix.

PS: I have a dual boot and with windows 8.1, it works perfectly.

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Apparently this could have something to do with using it along with Windows.

Taken from the Ubuntu Forum you can try:

Unplug the mouse receiver from the usb and then plug it back in (while running ubuntu). Whamo blamo you're fixed.

Ubuntu Forum

Might work for you to, give it a try.

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Thanks. It worked, but it is somehow not practical to remove and insert the receiver every time I boot the system. Do you know some permanent fix? – rangalo Mar 3 '14 at 18:20
@rangalo | From what I gather booting a Windows OS changes configuration of your wireless device. If you boot into Ubuntu only it won't bother you, but change to Windows will require an unplug. I might mimic your setup and see if I can find a permanent solution for you. – Matthew Williams Mar 3 '14 at 18:54
Thanks. The windows partition is mainly for the family and pay-tv, so cannot really do away with it. – rangalo Mar 3 '14 at 19:21

Try adding this line in xorg.conf under the "InputDevice " section and "{your device name}" subsection:

Option  "VertScrollDelta" "{scrollspeed}"

where smaller values result in faster scrolling.

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This didn't help. It didn't change anything in the scroll behavior. – rangalo Mar 3 '14 at 18:18

Just spreading the words.

Try resetmsmice, which will fix this problem, without having to unplug and replug the mouse receiver.

And there is a AUR package.

Many thanks to the author Paul F Richards, also the Ubuntu launchpad bug report

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This is known bug with some Microsoft mice. It is not just quick scroll, if you try to turn scroll wheel very slow you can see that scroll has non-linear speed. Moreover bug persists only if you previously boot to MS Windows (and may be in some other cases). You can fix it by:

  • resetmsmice app
  • unplug & plug mouse receiver
  • resetmsmice kernel patch (can be found in tar.gz distribution of resetmsmice)
  • fix-ms-mouse-scroll kernel patch

All of this fixes are struggling with the same problem. fix-ms-mouse-scroll patch supports newer kernels and some new mice (at least Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse) in compare to resetmsmice (on which it is based on).

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