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I use a VPN to connect to my office network. On my local network I have another WinXP machine that shares a printer and a few shared folders. While I'm connected to my work VPN, I can access the shared printer and folders on the other machine just fine, and vice versa. Once I disconnect the VPN, I can't access the local machine any more, and the other machine can't access my machine. The network itself seems ok - I can ping the other machine, get to the internet, and get on to a web server shared by the other machine, but I can't get to the shared folders or printer. If I reconnect to the VPN, my access is restored. I'm guessing this is some sort of authentication thing, but I don't know what. Any ideas?


This problem is bothering me again, so here's an update. Depending on when I first access the WinXP machine, I either have this problem, or the opposite problem. After a reboot, if I (for example) print, then connect to the VPN, I can't access the machine while on the VPN. If after a reboot I connect to the VPN, then print, I can't access the machine off the VPN. In both cases, if I enable/disable the VPN again, I can access the machine again.


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try to change your network group to group X then reboot. after, return the name of your group back to where it was. ALSO with your vpn . you have to check that you are not useing the remote gateway. This in effect uses your vpn like a proxy server for ALL of your networking needs. If you can ping your local computer then maybe you could try a direct connect to the computer in a run command IE. \\
this should bring you up to the share area for files and printers, double click the printer that you want. If it asks for a user and password use an administrators.

EDIT: Further thoughts....your local computers can connect to you While you are connected to your vpn,and when your not connected .. you can't/they can't....that is strange....haveing all in the same group and re run your network connections wizard and set up the proper file sharing ..take a look at your firewall see that it is OFF or at least not effecting the local intranet.

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