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This question is related to a previous question of mine (iTunes playback skipping on some songs), but this is on a brand new PC I've built for them.

The song counter/timer for playback is still stalling at around the 8-9 second mark and resumes counting at around 11-12 seconds. This is happening on every single song. The audio playback sound output doesn't seem to be affected anymore.

Specs are a quad-core CPU @ 3.9GHz, 8GB DDR3, 120GB SSD (sata 3), 1TB HDD (sata 3), dedicated GPU.

It is a fresh install of Windows 7 and the latest iTunes on the SSD. The newest sound drivers are also installed.

Here's a video screencast of the issue: http://screenr.com/vWBN

Is there any suggestions?

I've already tried changing the Bitrate and BPS in iTunes preferences with no effect.

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