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I bought Nokia Lumia 525 recently. I have D-Link 2750U wifi modem. I am able to access internet on my mobile through wifi when I am setting the protocol at "PPPoE" in the modem. However, when I am setting the protocol "BRIDGE", device is showing "wifi connected" ( signal strength full and active) but I am not able to access the internet.

I don't want to keep modem in "PPPoE mode" (automatic dialing through modem), I want it manual through PC. How can I access internet on my mobile when modem is set in "BRIDGE mode"? Is any apps will be required for this?

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This is a configuration problem with your wifi modem, not your phone. If the wifi modem was setup property, any phone would work with it. –  Neil Turner Mar 2 '14 at 23:12

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