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I have some problems with sound quality on bluetooth headphones. I bought these headphones http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/1381058.htm couple days ago, and now then I have those I ran into some problems. Then I connect with these headphones to my phone (Samsung S2 plus) sound quality is perfect but then I connect to my laptop sounds quality is bad. Its kinda like talking through radio its all static... I cant really explain it. I use Windows 7 Ultimate. I installed all drivers, tried to search on google, but nothing. Any help?

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Is there any chance you're using the headset profile instead of the A2DP profile? –  Spiff Mar 3 '14 at 18:07
How to check that? –  iCoRe Mar 3 '14 at 18:08
do you have another bluetooth speaker of some kind to test? –  Keltari Mar 14 '14 at 14:43

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I had a similar problem to you.

I have a cheap mono BT waterproof speaker and got a cheap Bluetooth USB dongle off eBay for my Windows 7 Ultimate PC. The speaker sounds great with my Samsung S3.

After plugging in the dongle and waiting for the drivers to SLOWLY install, i was able to select the Bluetooth Mono Audio device (right click Windows volume button in tray, Playback Devices, right click the bluetooth profile/device and "Set as Default Device") but that profile was limited to 8 Hz and couldn't be changed. Audio sounded really bad from iTunes.

Then i changed to the Bluetooth Audio Renderer (Stereo Audio) device profile and i got to choose between 44kHz and 48kHz :)

Just a note for iTunes users, you need to make sure you right click the bluetooth profile/device and "Set as Default Device" which will route all of your computer's audio to the bluetooth speaker/headset.

Extra tip - make sure your BT speaker/headset is freshly charged. Mine ran out of battery while i was testing, this is why it sounded even worse with lots of noise as i was initially testing it.

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Had the EXACT same problem with my Energy Sistems BT8 Headphones and My Ideapad Y580. But managed to solve it on my own. The source of the problem seemed to be a faulty Bluetooth driver that somehow managed to mess up the protocol that the headphones work with. I removed the device ( Headphones ) from my computer thus removing any driver that it installed during the pairing, removed the Bluetooth driver on my laptop, then installed the Bluetooth driver via Microsoft driver finder, paired the headphones again and allowed the Microsoft to install the drivers it needed and voila ! Everything is working perfect now. Great sound quality, clear sound with no background noise or CB radio like noise, and hell of a great bass.

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You have to Uncheck "Hands free telephony" from the services setting on your bluetoth device. I just fixed like that.

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Welcome to SuperUser. Your answer would be even better if you edit and expand it with an explanation as to why your solution fixes/addresses the OPs question. –  Twisty Jan 4 at 1:49

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