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I was recently in a car accident on private property and was given a CD-R with what I thought was a video from one of the surveillance cameras. When I insert the disk into my macbook pro running 10.9 the only files available are a couple .img files and a couple .dat files. I've tried converting the files to multiple different formats using total video converter HD(.mov, .avi,) After converting some file types open in what seems to be a sound clip, and I also tried to open the .avi files in divx converter and divx player to no avail. I've tried mounting the .img files with no luck. i've also tried burning to a DVD+R and this also hasn't worked. I want to be able to open the files and view the video clip.

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Try using disk Utility (in /Applications/Utilities ) to check the .img files. –  stib Mar 8 at 12:20

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