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From 7zip I've downloaded their command line tool 7za.exe, and I have to following script:

echo off


set zip ="C:\7za.exe"

set filename="%date%.backup.zip"

set pathtobackup="C:\MyDocs"

%zip% -t7z %filename% %pathtobackup%\*.doc

My intention is to backup all the doc files in MyDocs folder (including subfolders) and put them in a dated zip file. Afterwards I will move this file with robocopy to my server, but at the moment Im having some problems getting it to zip the files.

Anyone have a clue? Anyway I can append a password for the file too?

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You're "having some problems": care to elaborate? At a first glance, you're creating a .7z archive with a .zip extension. Also, you're relying on the %date% variable which may contain invalid, reserved characters. –  and31415 Mar 5 at 9:54
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Use the syntax

7z a -tzip archive.zip -r src\*.cpp src\*.h

so in your case, it'd be

7z a -t7z %filename% -r %pathtobackup%\*.doc

Source: http://sevenzip.sourceforge.jp/chm/cmdline/switches/recurse.htm

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