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I'm in for trouble with Chrome on my Mac after I backed to my home. The problem is I can not access the site such with error code "ERR_ACCESS_DENIED". Even It's not restricted by Symantec but it popped up like it's restricted by Symantec application firewall. Before 5 mins I could use Chrome via Wi-Fi of 4G at Cafe also before I went to cafe I could access any site with Chrome. So, I tried to ping to, telnet to 443 port of the site. It worked fine. Also I can use Chromium to access the site without any problem. I really assume somebody is attacked me when I use Chrome to access Internet. Because, When I reboot Chrome the PID was changed and it worked for a second but after few seconds It could not access to the site with error code "ERR_ACCESS_DENIED" immediately. Could you tell me where I should check about Mac with Chrome to access internet. I really assume the issue is man in the middle attack or another attack method.Could you help me?


Can not access any site such with Chrome and the error message is ERR_ACCESS_DENIED.

My question:

  • How I can identify this issue with Chrome? or How can I chrome work fine? How I can identify this is generated by Chrome when to access internet?
  • Why is default firewall of Mac enabled even I have enabled Symantec firewall?
  • Is there a method to erase signals on bus of Mac by microwave or something?


  • OK to ping
  • OK to telnet 443
  • OK to browse any site with Chromium
  • OK to assign "allow" to run "Google" on Symantec.
  • NG to browse any site with Chrome
  • OK to run function to verify the version is latest of Chrome
  • (NG to access any site with Chrome after Uninstalled Symantec and reinstalled Chrome. I had same problem just 2 weeks ago.)
  • No HTTPS/HTTP request from Chrome but DNS request is appeared in the console of Wireshark at the same time when I clicked refresh button. But after 4 hours it worked fine without changing any configuration.

Out of scope:

  • Rebuilding my Mac
  • Reinstalling Chrome

My environment:

  • OS X Mavericks 10.9.2
  • Chrome 33.0.1750.146
  • Symantec Internet Security (Application firewall is properly configured)

In addition:

No change my setting, not new updates installed and no reboot today

Now, I'm going to investigate this issue by myself but I would like to have your knowledge to identify the issue as soon as possible. Please kindly advice me.

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Why is reinstalling Chrome "out of scope"? Does it behave any differently if you fully disable (and/or temporarily uninstall) the Symantec suite? – Ƭᴇcʜιᴇ007 Mar 5 '14 at 15:48
@techie007 I had like this problem 2 weeks ago. So, I uninstalled Symantec and reinstalled Chrome without installing Symantec. But, It did not fix. After few hours It worked. So, I really doubt the packet is replaced by someone.I updated my question about it now. I will check packet. – Juza Mar 5 '14 at 15:56

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