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Could you tell me how to add a menu item into Finder's contextual menu (the one I get when I Control-click in a folder)?

When I create a document or spreadsheet using LibreOffice, I usually run LibreOffice first and then choose Text documents, or I choose the item of LibreOffice's contextual menu from the Dock. But, the new document is not created under a specific folder. So I have to choose the folder and enter a name for the file to save.

I would like to create LibreOffice text documents or spreadsheets by using a menu item. It should create the documents under the folder I'm in.

This is a screenshot of the contextual menu when I press Control-click in folder.

folder view

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The free app XtraFinder gives you an option to add a New File entry to the contextual menu in Finder windows (amongst others, like opening a Terminal window):

You can manage the templates for files easily:

All you'd have to do is add an empty LibreOffice file in that template directory.

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♦ It worked! Thank you very much for the information in detail. – Juza Mar 6 '14 at 2:45

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