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I've tried everything possible to reset the supervisor password on my Lenovo B570 laptop: looking for a non-existent CMOS battery, trying to run some of those software tools that are supposed to give you the answer, etc. Everything. Does anyone here know what I can do? I assure you that it is my laptop, and that the reason I am trying to do this is that Wi-Fi is disabled via BIOS and I can't turn it back on without the password my Dad forgot.

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Forgotten Supervisor password

A forgotten Supervisor password will prevent access to the ThinkPad BIOS setup utility. To regain access, the system will need to be serviced to have the system board and hard drive replaced. Proof of purchase is required, and this repair is not covered under the warranty.

I think you should take a look at these links : http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/detail.page?LegacyDocID=migr-59377



Unfortunately, there is no way to bypass the BIOS password of your Lenovo computer. This is set by the manufacturer to create security feature in your computer. However, the best thing you have to do is not to set any password in the BIOS if you don't need that security feature. You may only set your BIOS password if you believe that there are other people who might access you device without your permission.

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I can't think of anything rather than finding the battery, removing it and then reset the BIOS. I found this video that might be relevant to your case...


It should help with disassembly.

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Try this for the Supervisor password: sktlts.

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