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I have a laptop with 2 disks that originally were raid-configured. One of them is failing. What is the best way to check for hard drive health and disable on of the hard drives? Can I reinstall windows on one of the drives and use that one only?

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What sort of RAID are we talking about here ? – Lawrence Mar 6 '14 at 1:11

Typically your RAID controller should have an interface for you to diagnose such issues. If it's hardware-based you may have to access this from a boot up shortcut key press when you power on your laptop. Sometimes these RAID controllers have a software that go with them so you can control things from inside the OS. If you're using the built-in software RAID controller on Windows you should be able to go to the disk manager to see which physical volumes are degraded.

If you're using RAID 0: Back up everything ASAP or you'll lose everything (assuming you haven't already).

Any other RAID: Just swap out the failing drive with a good one ASAP.

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Never use RAID 0 for valuable data that you don't backup continuously. You may gain extra speed, but it's at a cost. Either one of the disks may fail, resulting in data loss. The result is twice the risk you have with no RAID. – SPRBRN Nov 24 '15 at 8:39

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