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Does anyone know how can I install software on my PC without administrator permission? I know that I can change permission of some KEY in the Registry, but I don't know exactly which ones. I'm using Windows 7 64-bit.

Thanks in advance.

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You could get the app to install in %APPDATA% instead of %PROGRAMFILES%, but that would only install for the user and not the entire system. –  deleteme Mar 6 at 6:37
Another option could be using portable applications –  user1301428 Mar 6 at 8:09
request From Admin user!!! –  Jeson Park Mar 6 at 9:51

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As long as the software installer doesn't try to write to protected folders or registry keys, there is usually no admin permission required. Many software installers give you the choice of where/how to install, but some don't and if that is the case, you're pretty much out of luck. Some software doesn't even require any sort of "installation", you can just place the executable files anywhere in your user-writable folders.

If you're not an administrator, then no, you can not change permissions on any of the protected locations.

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