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I have a Ubuntu 12.04 guest VB on a W7 host. On the guest, I am running a webserver on port 9000 and can access that webserver from the guest on

In VirtualBox, I have enabled two network adapters for the guest. I didn't change a setting for the first, so it's still NAT. The second adapter is a Host-Only-Adapter with default settings (VirtualBox 4.3.8).

ifconfig on the guest shows both eth0 and eth1, where eth1 has the IP address, which I can successfully ping from the host. I can also successfully ping the host from the guest.

On the host, I get a "problem loading page" in FF for accessing I checked with nmap localhost on the guest that 9000 is open: 9000/tcp open cslistener.

What am I doing wrong?

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Found out that the problem was not related to VB or anything, but to the server who only accepted requests from

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