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In iTunes there's a small icon in the title frame, by which we can jump to the current playing song in the play list. I'm wondering if there is some similar way to jump to the song currently playing.

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You could also double click the status bar (if the track is still in one of your playlist; that's not always the case with playlists generated automatically or by browsing...)

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You must have "Playback Follows Cursor" option disabled for this to work. –  Adam Caviness Jan 6 '12 at 15:45

From the foobar2000 FAQ:

How do I make the currently playing track to be selected (highlighted) and stay always in view?

Enable “Cursor Follows Playback” under main window's “Playback” menu.

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this hould be enabled by default imo –  Natrium Apr 18 '12 at 8:03

I made a keyboard shortcut for the action "View / Show Now Playing" and assigned it to my down arrow. Not much of a scroller with the arrows (like to assign them different uses), and "cursor follows playback" messes with me sometimes when I'm organizing a non-active playlist or doing other tasks.

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view menu -> go to current song (control + L)

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