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I need a really solid and concrete way to lock down certain traffic to specific network interfaces.

I'm a little familiar with the "route" command on Windows, and have been trying to use it to route internet through one network interface (wireless) and then any addresses beginning with 10...* through another (wired).

Firstly I try to take away the automatic gateway of the wired connection by using netsh, something like:

interface ip set address "%network_connection_name%" static %IP_Addr% %Sub_Mask%

Where %IP_Addr% is the IP address given to that interface by the DHCP server. %Sub_Mask% is

Then I try to add routes like so:

route add mask %IP_Addr% metric 100 IF 16
route add mask %wireless_IP_addr% metric 1 IF 17

Where %wireless_IP_addr% is the IP address automatically given to the wireless network adapter.

This method SEMI works.

For about 30 seconds after I execute all those commands, my browser will happily use the wireless network as intended. But then for some reason I don't know nor understand, it seems to switch to the wired one.

Other programs, like Steam for example, continue using the wireless route, which is good. Then others, like my VPN software, try to use the wired one, which is bad.

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The route to "" mask "" should point to your gateway (the wireless router), not your assigned wireless IP address. (Likewise, the route to your wired link should point to the wired network's gateway, not your own IP address.) Is this what you meant when you typed the above? –  C. M. Jul 19 '14 at 23:52

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