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I left a program (netbeans) running on a remote computer and I'd like to save the session (I know, I know |-( ), and exit, so I can work at my current location. I do have access to that computer via ssh and I can see the program running when I type ps -u myusername. But it seems I'd have to enter the program somehow or "pipe" the remote desktop to the local.
Is that possible?
All questions I found in that direction were related to starting a new program with a GUI remotely with ssh -X, but that doesn't seem to help for this situation.
Thanks already!

Thanks to fede.evol I figured out, that the right thing to use is vncviewer/vncserver (x11vnc isn't installed on the remote computer, but Tight VNC 1.3.10 is).
However, my problem seems to involve an additional difficulty, because I don't connect directly to the remote computer (say, but via another computer (say Usually (that is using ssh -X to do sth), I first connect to sshhost and from there to mycomp which works ok.
I managed to set up a vncviewer (ssvnc) at my present location, and I also managed to obtain a remote desktop on by


(I started a new X-display :1 on sshhost by typing vncserver and set the password with vncpasswd because I don't have access to display :0 on sshhost, I think) My plan was to access the desktop of mycomp via this vnc-connection to sshhost analogously to how I it do when ssh-connecting (that is ssh -X and then ssh -X mycomp). First problem: Typing on sshhost, I can't just say:

vncviewer mycomp:0

because I get Couldn't convert 'mycomp' to host address.
So I pinged mycomp to obtain its IP and used that instead of mycomp in the last command. But it doesn't work. I get:

vncviewer: ConnectToTcpAddr: connect: Connection timed out Unable to connect to VNC server

So, I'm stuck here...

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If it is already up and running I'd suggest you to export the current X display via VNC and then use VNC to access it. You can do this with x11vnc which is available with many distributions nowadays.

You should start the program with something like:

x11vnc -display :0

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