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System: Windows 7 Home Premium x64, brand new HW.

The machine rejects to play a few DVD-s. It is consistent on what to reject. Some DVD-s are fine, they are always fine. Some are rejected, they are always rejected.

All DVD-s played fine on my old XP machine.

The DVD-s are also backed up as ISO files on the hard drive, and can be played via virtual DVD drives. The result is the same. The non-tasty DVD-s are rejected, the tasty ones are accepted to be played via the virtual drive.

I have installed no extra codecs or player software besides Winamp and iTunes for movies. So I just use the default Windows Media Player and the codecs shipped with Windows 7.

Some more hints: The computer has been purchased in Europe, as well as the DVD-s, so I do not believe that this is a region issue. One of the DVD says in it title NTSC, but I have no idea how could digital DVD content be NTSC (or PAL).

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try an alternative media player that doesn't require any codecs to be installed (e.g. SMPlayer) and see if the problem persists.

if you get the portable version, it doesn't even have to be installed on your system, can be used from a USB stick. SMPlayer works with Windows x64.

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