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When you manage many tabs, Firefox has a great feature to avoid opening the same page again, if it's already opened in some other tab: as you type a URL (or title page), Firefox shows in its Awesomebar that the page is already opened in another tab, and you can instead go to that tab.

How can Chrome do that, search among its opened tabs? I've seen questions about searching in the history and there are extensions for searching among bookmarks, but those that can search among already opened tabs leave a lot to be desired:

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Tab Ahead looks like the holy grail. Takie it for a spin -

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Excellent! It's open source and does the job. – Dan Dascalescu Oct 18 '14 at 6:34

One extension that does this, though very poorly, is Omnitab. You type o then some part of the URL, and choose "Run Omnitab command" from the drop down. What's wrong with it:

  1. You'll jump to one of the open tabs that matches the query
  2. There's no way to preview where you'll go
  3. You can't select any other match.
  4. The extension has access to all your tabs, but isn't open sourced like Fauxbar.
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Fauxbar seems a little better:

  1. Open source
  2. Shows "Switch to tab" for matched results

Yet it doesn't always search among open tabs first.

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