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OS X user here. I'm currently learning both Vim and Vimium, it's been really fun. A major annoyance with Chrome is that I can press Cmd+L to highlight the address bar, but I can't unselect it without clicking on anywhere on the page (and resume to normal navigation). How do I (using the keyboard only) unselect the address bar in Chrome?

P.S. Sorry if this has been asked already. I just cannot find the combination of search terms in Google as what I'm searching for is a bit descriptive

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I've had the same issue but I found a simple hack. Just go to your Chrome settings and click manage search engines. Then add a new search engine with 'javascript:' as the url, and whatever word or key you want for the shortcut. I use Vim with jj or kk mapped to esc, so I used those two keys as the shortcut for my Chrome.


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I am not a OS X user, but I think this should be the same as in Windows,press the Tab once or more time after selecting the Chrome adress bar with Win+L. In Windows pressing F6 once or more times will deselect the omnibox in chrome, but I don't know if this will work also in OS X, it is worth a try.

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Thanks @Devid. Yup, that works as a workaround. When I try here in SuperUser though, when I press Tab, it selects the next HTML element or something. So when I attempt to scroll using j on Vimium, an error beep occurs. I can press j again, and I end up in the SuperUser search box. From there I can unselect it and navigate using keyboard. I would much rather that I just plain unselect the address bar with no side effects such as selecting HTML elements. –  Daryll Santos Mar 8 '14 at 20:12
In windows there is also F6 and pressing it 3 times deselects the omnibox without side effects. Maybe there is something similar in OS X –  Devid Mar 8 '14 at 20:25

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