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How do I include all files and exclude *.bak and *.tmp files in WinMerge compare dialog window?

=========== WinMerge Dialog Window ===========

Left: [Folder-A]               [ OK ]
Right: [Folder-B]              [ Cancel ]
Filter: *.*                    [ Help ]

[x] Include Subfolders

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You can use a filter. See here, section 4.1.3. Creating a file filter.

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link doesn't work –  Level1Coder Mar 9 at 2:03
Oops. I fixed it now. –  l19 Mar 9 at 2:04
Actually, I read that before posting the question. The documentation is rather poor on how to exclude files, there is no clearcut example. –  Level1Coder Mar 9 at 2:08
Basically, you create a filter for bak and tmp files, and apply that filter to the comparison. –  l19 Mar 9 at 2:08
Does that mean if I have 1 billion files to compare, it will compare 1 billion files THEN apply filter? Seems not efficient –  Level1Coder Mar 9 at 2:12

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