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I am new to networking. I have purchased TP Link TR-WR073N and have flashed it with OpenWrt. I need to now configure it as a client and connect it to the internet. (So I can use it with the arduino instead of having a wifi shield)

I connect it via an Ethernet cable to my computer and telnet to I have changed the wireless and network file as according to http://wiki.xinchejian.com/wiki/Install_OpenWRT_on_TPlink_WR703N and I have looked at Installing OpenWRT. When I restart my router, it can not be found by my laptop so I can not telnet to it even if I plug it to my laptop via Ethernet. How do I test if the internet works if I can not find it on my laptop. Many of the online tutorials instructs me to download LuCi once the network and wireless files have been changed, I can not do this as I can not connect to the router.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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