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i have a bash script i would like modify to support input from shell atm i have to type the link after i have run the script

wiak@test:~$ scripts/lget.sh
gimme cookie!
80 bytes transferred

like this input from shell

lget https://github.com/nwgat/scripts/raw/master/lftp.sh

the bash script

echo "gimme cookie!"
read down
lftp -e 'pget -n 5 '$down' && exit'
echo "done."

its also here on github if someone wants to fork it https://github.com/nwgat/scripts/blob/master/lget.sh

software needed to make it work: lftp http://lftp.yar.ru/

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Try this:

echo "gimme cookie!"
#read down
lftp -e 'pget -n 5 '$1' && exit'
echo "done."

Now you can pass the link as a command line option. $1 expands to the first command line option you pass to your shell script.

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so that is how that worked, thx for the help –  wiak Mar 9 '14 at 22:17
Yes :) You're most welcome. I am glad to have been of help. –  Ghassan Mar 9 '14 at 22:19

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