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After installing MS Visual 2003 under Windows7, when starting the sofware I had the dialog "there are known incompatibilities with this software under Windows7".

When I showed the dialog to one one my colleague (I have just been hired here), he clicked "do not show this dialog again" and said that's ok.

But after using it for a while, I noticed that I cannot create new project, I cannot use some wizards (ATL and Add Class). And I don't know the rest that is broken behind.

I wanted to show this dialog to my manager so as an action is taken to move to a newer compiler/IDE.

But I don't know how could I make that window appear again ? Any idea ?

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You can try repair the Visual Studio installation. Have you tried that? Its unlikely the problems of beng unable to create a project is connected to the incompatabilities though. –  Ramhound Mar 10 at 10:49

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