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I have an hardisk "sda"

My system was

   sda1 NTFS 122 GB (Primary partition)
   sda2      122 GB (extended partition)
       ---- sda3 ext4 27 GB (logical partition)
       ---- sda4 ext4 15 GB (logical partition)
       ---- sda5 swap 1 GB (logical partition)
       ---- sda6 NTFS 80 GB (logical partition)
   sda7 NTFS 100 GB (primary partition)
   sda8 NTFS 120 GB (primary partition)

When i was installing some linux, by mistake deleted the entire partition table. then i used gpart live cd. It has testdisk utility.

Using the testdisk utitlity i was able to again get the partition table back. The problem is with sda2. It shows sda2 as NTFS 122 GB (primary). But it has many logical paritions. i got back all my data in sda1, sda7,sda8 but since sda2 is not showing as sda3,sda4,sda5 and sda6, i am scared how to get my data back.

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