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I love the new Win-up and Win-down shortcuts for maximize/minimize in windows 7. However, sometimes they behave differently than clicking the maximize/minimize buttons directly.

In programs that minimize to the tray, Win-down does not seem to send them to the tray. And in remote desktop, Win-up will maximize the window, but the maximize button will trigger full-screen mode.

Is there a way to fix this?

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Unable to reproduce. Start-↓ sends Outlook to tray for me. – kinokijuf Jul 6 '14 at 8:40

The easiest way that I can think of would be to use AutoHotKey to map the Win+Up and Win+Down directly to window maximize and minimize. Still keeps the same hotkeys, just changes their function slightly.

In fact, Lifehacker posted a script that simulates Windows 7 hotkey functionality here. You should be able to use that as a template to fix your issue (if nothing else).

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Thanks, Cory. Strangely enough even this doesn't work. Maybe those programs have event handlers on the buttons that are bypassed by a direct call to minimize/maximize. – Gabe Moothart Nov 19 '09 at 21:49

For remote desktop, press CTRL + ALT + PAUSE to switch the client in full screen, then CTRL++/- will work normally.

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Here is the Autohotkey script that Cory suggested. I could not put this in a comment, as they can not be in several lines:

#Up::WinMaximize, A    ; Assign a hotkey to maximize the active window 
#Down::WinMinimize, A  ; Assign a hotkey to minimize the active window

Give the votes to Cory, he gave the answer, I'm just refining it :-)

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