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I'm using MinGW (as packaged by msysgit for Windows), and I'm trying to list all the files on my C drive. I would expect

find /c

to do this. However, this is not what I'm seeing (in an MinGW window):

$ find /c
/c/Program Files
/c/Program Files/7-Zip
/c/Program Files/7-Zip/7-zip.chm
/c/System Volume Information
find: /c/System Volume Information: Permission denied

Why are the files under WINDOWS and ZInstaller not showing up? If I find /c/windows or find /c/ZInstaller, all is well.

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The 1.0.11 release specifically addresses this problem. Make sure you using at least that version of msys.

Summary of relevant change:

Added: 2008.07.21
Fix bug #1791494: find not reporting all expected matches.

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Thanks, I was just using the latest msysgit. I'll look at the 1.0.11 version. – Suppressingfire Nov 20 '09 at 1:10

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