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I have an old desktop which I want to turn into a home server. Unfortunately its motherboard (MSI K9N6SGM-V) does not support Wake-on-LAN functionality.

I don't really know how power supply works in Wake-on-LAN scenario. From Wikipedia article I couldn't answer the following question: if I'll get a PCI NIC card with Wake-on-LAN and connect it with a corresponding 3-pin cable to the motherboard - is it enough then to have Wake-on-LAN enabled? Or the motherboard still needs to support WOL internally?

In case this NIC solution doesn't work, what are the other options to enable WON?

P.S. I've seen DIY solutions out there involving some mobile router re-assembly. Its rather complicated for me, maybe something simpler could be recommended :)

There is a broader approach to my question: Wake on LAN Alternatives

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Yes the motherboard needs to support WOL, and if the motherboard doesn't have WOL support then it won't have the (legacy) 3-pin WOL cable connector of which you speak.

If you want WOL get a motherboard with WOL, that's the easiest/only real way to get it.

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Indeed, I was just looking at motherboard and couldn't find any suitable 3-pin slots. I guess buying new one is the simplest solution. – nazikus Mar 12 '14 at 20:05

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