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In Windows 7, I could launch a program like Notepad and pass it a command-line argument (the path and filename of a document to open) by typing:

Windows Keynotepad c:\users\jon\myfile.txtEnter

In Windows 8, although either of the following work fine to launch Notepad:

Windows KeynotepadEnter (via the Start page / Metro UI)

Windows Key+SnotepadEnter (via the Search charm)

Adding a command-line argument as in the original example above does not work. It causes Windows to not find the program.

So I have had to adjust my workflow in Windows 8 to (1) launch the application, and then (2) manually bring up a File Open dialog from within the application to load by document. It's annoying having to do in two separate steps what I used to be able to accomplish in Windows 7 with just one.

Running the application via Windows Key+R (the old Windows XP style Run dialog) with command line arguments works, but only for applications that are on the Path -- not for applications that Windows can find via its Search feature.

Is there any way to get my original example above working under Windows 8?

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