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I have an automated clicker that's bounded at a click every 10 milliseconds. Is there a limit to how often clicks get processed by the OS? Or if not the OS, is there a hardware dependency?

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The standard polling frequency for USB devices (including mice) is 125hz. However, it is possible to increase this frequency all the way up to 1000hz, so it may be possible to process clicks at that rate (Which would be every 1 ms).

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I'd say that 10ms is quite fast enough already. We've all experienced a computer that's thrashing, paging, or just plain slow. If there is a hardware-imposed limit, or an OS-imposed limit, you'll probably never reach it.

The speed at which clicks get processed will vary depending on what else the computer is doing at the time.

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I recollect seeing "polling frequency" in PS/2 mouse driver settings tab a few years ago, and it was 100 per second (i.e. every 10ms). That was related to mouse movement tracking, and not clicks.

The highest theoretical limit would be the frequency of the carrier signal - USB or PS/2, or indeed a polling interval "at that end of the wire". However, I do not know what are the exact numbers.

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