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I want to run a LARGE Windows 7/XP VM. Like 50+ Gigabytes of ram and 4 cores. I need to be able to console in to this VM, but for alert purposes I need the VM to pass audio either back out to me via the console connection OR by USB speakers or something. I am on a Lenovo RD530 rack server running a XEON E5 6 core processor. All the info I find on how to do this seems out of date at best, and doesn't work on most. Any help would be appreciated.

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On VMWare Workstation, a USB device gets plugged into the guest, as far as it can tell. If ESXi works the same way (I expect it does, just might be more formal about provisioning it) then a USB sound device ought to work. If it shows up under "Sound, vided and game controllers" that ought to work.

⋯yes, hardware version 7 or higher, noted in a manual for an older version. Also see references to USB3 being added at some point.

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