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I'm wondering if Apple's Logic allows you to automatically split a sound file into multiple pieces based on criteria such as time-lapse (split a larger file into n 2 seconds chunks).

I'd rather not pay $499 to find out that it doesn't or doesn't do it well.

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The manual is free

And bear in mind that a great deal of any audio suite's functionality comes in the form of plugins from other vendors.

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Why spend $500 at all? You can get Audacity, an open source audio editor that's scriptable to do exactly that kind of thing?

See here:

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I have tried Audacity, and wasn't aware of the scripting. I have to say though that the UI is pretty crappy, and given that it looks like it was designed to work on multiple platforms, I worry that the audio engine also tries to be HW neutral and doesn't take advantage of the native audio frameworks. – mahboudz Nov 27 '09 at 9:00
Understood. I was just trying to save you $500. – Nathan L. Nov 27 '09 at 19:48

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