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I have a MoGo bluetooth mouse. It's pretty sweet, fits in the PCMCIA slot, charges through the same hole.

I have to remove the device and re-find it every time that I want to use it with my windows 7 machine. Windows finds it just fine (and instantly), but it doesn't seem to go looking for it unless it's not installed as a device.

Example: Use computer with bluetooth mouse. Turn off computer, pack it up and carry it off somewhere. Turn on computer. No mouse is found, the re-sync button on the mouse does nothing in the windows side of things, and I have to remove the device and search for it again to use it.

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It's not a happy answer, but I've made it start working.

Apparently I was pushing the pair button when I turned on the mouse. This was not the correct thing to do. The correct thing to do is to just eject the mouse and then start using it. Horray, I did it wrong.

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