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Not sure if this is the right place to ask this.

I have a html5 folder with a html file and also a media folder which the html doc reads. I want to be able to protect the media folder before emailing but of course the html doc still needs access to it to show the page (locally) I don't need a form of password protection (unless it is necessary) I just want to lock access to the media folder so that it cannot be opened or edited on the end users machine (windows, mac)

Any ideas?

Thanks and again, I apologise if this is in the wrong place.


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Essentially, you're asking about setting up copy protection. In the digital world, it's impossible to (permanently) keep somebody from copying something you give them; among other things, in order to play any media, you have to open it. In the case of something like an image file, there's not anything you can do; remember browsers have that nifty Save image as... dialog. You could put some sort of watermark on it, although those can be removed... –  Clockwork-Muse Mar 15 at 11:51

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you need to be more specific. Do you have a local folder that you need to archive and email ? or do you have a website that is actually hosted and accessible at a certain address ?

Your description is vague.

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Hello and thanks for the reply. The web end will be open so I don't need to protect anything there. However, I would also like to be able to email the folder containing the html5 animation so that the user can view it locally (offline) and keep a copy. The folder contains the html doc (for example myanimation.html) and also a media folder (for example /myanimation_images) All the links are relative so it does play ok locally however, there are items in the media folder that I would prefer the user not to tamper with and also redistribute. –  user1062938 Mar 15 at 10:25
This is why I would like to protect that folder but still allow the web browser (locally) to be able to read it's contents. Hope that makes sense. –  user1062938 Mar 15 at 10:29
Hello, that is indeed more accurate. However, what you are implying cannot be done unless you find some way to implement a certain encryption in your html source code and also you would have to deliver your files along with the decryption key. that would decrypt locally and allow your animation to happen. However if the user is technically skilled at programming and reverse engineering he can retreive your key, figure out the encryption and decrypt the files. either way, if your user has access to your webserver he can replicate your documents locally using a web browser. –  Horatiu Mar 15 at 10:38
sorry for the double post. –  Horatiu Mar 15 at 10:42
Thanks for the reply and the advise. I guess the only way to do it would be some sort of exe or app builder then? Any ideas? –  user1062938 Mar 15 at 11:37

This is impossible. Without read access to the media folder, the content cannot be displayed at all. There is no way to allow reading and also prevent the data from being copied, edited etc. If the files can be read, the data is fully in the end user's control, because he owns the hardware that stores and processes the content.

The only way to ensure your data cannot be altered or copied, is to not send it (in a readable state). The html document will not be able to read it either.

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