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I have setup all of my partitions on LVM thin-provisioned device. In some article I've read that this allows me to make incremental snapshots in a simple manner - move back and forward between them.

But I can't find any GUI or even user-friendly way to do so - the best I found is this article from 2012, but I'm afraid I may shoot my foot, trying to perform all these commands on my OS.

I'm using Fedora 20. Can anyone advise any convenient way - or better, GUI - to handle snapshots?

My setup is as follows (all partitions are encrypted, if it matters):

/dev/mapper/fedora-root                   /          ext4  
UUID=b0df5044-b83f-472f-a317-3c034a13790c /boot      ext4
UUID=4D33-5A19                            /boot/efi  vfat
/dev/mapper/fedora-home                   /home      ext4
/dev/mapper/fedora-swap                   swap       swap

Is it a dead technology? If so, what are the modern alternatives?

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